International meeting of military vehicles

Motors of War

Motors of War – Russia’s first military-patriotic gathering of military vehicles.
At the rally more than 120 existing pieces of vehicles: tanks, cars and motorcycles from the 16 countries participating in the Second World War.
Motors of War – a military-technical museum in the open air, which is collected from public and private collections.
All vehicles on the go and participate in the rally “War motors” that doing exercise on the quality of the exhibits the most representative gathering of the world.

In Motors of wars involving more than 1000 representatives of military-historical clubs that organize large-scale reconstruction of the fighting, “Barbarossa”, “Battles in Khalkhin Gol” and “Battle of Normandy in the summer of 1944.”
At the rally created authentic campgrounds participating countries with the Second World War trenches, fortifications and soldiers dressed “strictly on form.” Continuing concerts of patriotic music groups, as well as organized military power points with kitchen and souvenir shops.


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8 (495) 774-35-77